It’s time to up the charades game. A mind boggling and twisted combination of Heads Up and Pictionary is set to challenge your mind. In Round One, out of a team of two participants, one has to act to the clue and the other has to guess the words of the enacted term. Participants cannot switch their task mid-way. This game will act as an icebreaker between participants, who have to make the other participant guess the word. It will create a spectacle that no one would want to miss!

Round Two shall have participants who qualify in the first round. Put your thinking caps on! Two teams shall be competing against each other at a given point of time. The first team to solve the given task gets the chance to guess the legal term for the bizarre and funny dialogues/songs from Bollywood. The team with the highest scores wins. So get set for this thrilling event. Let the war of words begin!