Client Counselling provides an opportunity for students to portray their advocacy skills and to experience life as a legal advisor. It ensures that participants get the right platform to showcase their flair to handle a client, improvise and refine their counselling skills. The event is to examine the ability of the participants to interpret, read, understand and apply the applicable laws in fictitious cases. If a participant has the knack for using appropriate laws in a given situation, Client Counselling is the key to hone their skills and expand their horizons. Volunteers from the host college acting as clients are groomed and trained months in advance for Client Counselling. Mock exercises are conducted to ensure that questions can be handled and responded to, during the conference. Participants must have the skill to convince and negotiate with the client to take up their advisory services. Practicing advocates are invited to judge the event, and they have in the past, commended the efforts of the organizing committee for conducting such a flawless event. Participants are assessed on the basis of their etiquettes and spontaneous application of laws in the given case, while examining the client on the basis of the facts presented.

Download : Client Counselling Rules & Regulations