• World renowned historian, Ramchandra Guha poignantly observed that India being able to successfully conduct elections every five years without sacrificing its democracy, given every other Asian counterpart has been plagued with long bouts of civil unrest and dictatorships is in self, a major achievement.

    • General Elections 2014 witnessed highest voter turnout, making it the biggest exercise of adult franchise in world history. Further, 2014 Lok Sabha result produced India’s first majority government in over 25 years creating a tectonic shift in the political operations and policy implementation.

    • Given we are headed for another and possibly striking elections in the coming year, we would love to explore the constitutional and legal frameworks that have allowed our democracy to weather all troughs and remain united in its blanket of diversity. 1975 National Emergency and 1991 Balance of Payment financial crisis caused the most grievous post-independence nation-wide scares. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine the scare a nation-wise breakdown in democracy might create. The General Elections to constitute the 17th Lok Sabha of Republic of India is likely to be held in mid-2019.

  • This year Law Tryst will be based on current affairs connected to the General Elections of 2019 and our Team has coined the theme to be “The Election Year”.